Englander Elation Luxury Firm Mattress

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Size: Twin XL
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Step-up your comfort with more of Englander's signature Latex and the all-new 3-degree Open air microcoils. Made with proven materials; Latex and Coils. Expertly layered to create a gradient of pressure relief and contouring support.

Insiders Sleep on Latex and Springs

Our mattresses are made with latex and coils. Proven materials. No fads. No fake technology.

Components delivering deep sleep for decades. Most mattress industry insiders sleep on some form of latex and coils. They know what works. Preferred by those in the know, available to you.

Our collection of mattresses tiptoe toward that cloud-like feel.

We designed it this way because people love it and Talalay latex delivers that fluffy, uplifting experience.


    Fabric-encased innersprings are supportive and active. They’re comfortable and keep you from feeling stuck. Easy to change positions means easier to stay asleep.

Fabric-encased innersprings make a world class mattress core. That’s why we use them in our Dreamer Collection. Once they’re shaped into springs, we temper our steel coils. It’s a process that freezes the molecules in place so they keep their shape and never sag.


Your uncomfortable, unsupportive mattress is keeping your pain alive.

If you’re suffering from back or hip pain it’s time for a new mattress.

Countless people blame aches on exercise, old injuries, or sitting at a desk all day. Don’t be fooled. That terrible mattress is keeping pain alive. Fix your mattress. Fix your life. Englander mattresses are made to help you wake up happy and pain free.

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