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Whether you have recently purchased solid wood furnishings from our warehouse or are looking for care tips for your existing furniture, you’ve come to the right place! These quick care tips are a great start to keeping your furniture beautiful for years to come.

#1 Get to know your furniture. Solid wood products have natural markings that create highs and lows throughout the surface of the piece of furniture. We refer to this as the “natural beauty of the wood.”

#2 As a living, breathing material, wood will continue to move with the seasons as it did in its natural state. You may notice seasonal things in your furniture such as a small gap developing in your table. This is your furniture simply reminding you that it’s alive. 

#3 Show your furniture some love through daily care. In most cases, dusting and cleaning on a regular basis with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth is sufficient. 

#4 Respect your furniture just like you respect your car or any other quality belongings. Avoid hot objects, scratches, dents and anything else that might damage your solid wood furniture. 

#5 If you have purchased an Amish-made piece from Pallets by Winesburg from Head Springs Depot, it’s important to know that their Conversion Varnish needs thirty full days of special loving care in your home, not in our warehouse. Keep the furniture uncovered in your home in normal conditions to fully harden or “cure”. This Conversion Varnish is the highest quality furniture finish available!

Want to understand the difference between solid wood and manufactured furniture? In our blog, Four Reasons to Choose Solid Wood Furniture, we break down these differences and reasons why you should consider solid wood furniture for your home! Lucky for you, we ONLY carry solid wood furniture at HSD! Stop by and see us in Downtown Franklin and we’ll help you choose the perfect piece for your home. 

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