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Since 2010, Head Springs Depot has been providing the Middle Tennessee area with high-quality furniture at an affordable price. But for Jay and Seth Hall, father-son co-owners, it’s about so much more than furniture.

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“We do home,” says Jay. “And home is meaningful work. It’s not just about the product. We have the opportunity to change how people experience their homes.”

While the furniture business is woven into their past and present, it’s the relationships and community that give the Hall family a true passion for what they do. It’s all about helping their customers, new and old alike, through the different seasons of life. Moving into a first home, decorating the nursery, freshening up the space after a divorce, up-sizing, down-sizing, and every little and big moment in between.

Their story begins decades before opening Head Springs Depot with the family’s love for wood-working and interior design. Seth reminisces on his childhood when he would follow his grandmother to various interior design jobs, as well as seeing a variety of items being built or repaired by his father and grandfather in the woodshop.

What transpired with Head Springs Depot is a natural flow of what both Jay and Seth have been accustomed to their whole lives. Still to this day, they enjoy wood-working and helping customers with interior design elements, including their complimentary design services.

Jay and Seth Hall - Head Springs Depot Owners
The Hall family has quite the creative family history that spans from the music business to the furniture business and many things in between. Both Jay, his other son, Zach, and a few employees have extensive resumes working in the music industry as musicians, writers, producers, and more. It all comes full circle back to being a family that thrives on being creative.

“We love to create spaces where people can do life together and that’s what we did. We’ve been bringing people together through music and with furniture for many generations,” says Seth.

With a heart for home and a heart for giving, the Hall family is committed to helping their community in any way they can. From their customers to their hometown of Franklin and beyond, they always look for ways to give back.

Another way that Head Springs Depot serves its customers and community is by selecting products that are nothing short of the best at the lowest price possible. They focus on American-made brands that have staying power and have been around for decades to ensure everything on their floor is made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. This includes their very own exclusive line, Fox & Roe.

The name Heads Springs Depot is inspired by a 19th-century church (Head Springs Church) near the family’s farm south of Nashville, in a picturesque valley with a peaceful creek. The farm has been a place of healing and restoration for the family at different points in their lives, and the Halls felt they would honor this special place by naming their business after the quaint, country church. To them, it represents the things they value most: home and family.

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Jay Hall, Co-owner
Seth Hall, Co-owner


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Jay Hall: Co-Owner

Jay Hall: Co-owner

With a passion for wood-working, helping others, and building community, it’s easy to see how Jay Hall ended up in the furniture industry. Since age 21, Jay hasn’t worked for anyone besides himself, and though it hasn’t always come easy, Jay doesn't quit.

As a lifelong investor, not only with finances but also with the way he built his business with his son, Jay has always stressed the importance of quality. Investing time and money –– making sure it’s built the right way with the right people to ensure it will last. That’s the thing about him, he can always find the best qualities in furniture, business, and people. When Jay finds out what is special about someone he likes to tell everyone about it.

Like his professional life, Jay is always finding value in every day. When he is not at the shop helping customers, he’s a collector of all things, including baseball cards, guitars, cars, and coins. He even refinishes and creates custom furniture!

Each day, Jay looks forward to hearing customer’s stories and helping them with their homes. With their business, he and his son have created a community. People are drawn to the duo and tend to come in looking for new pieces always with new life updates to share.

Seth Hall: Co-owner

Seth Hall: Co-owner

Following in his father’s footsteps, Seth Hall couldn’t see himself working anywhere else than beside his dad. It all began when he was just a child, he would follow his grandmother to various interior design jobs, as well as seeing a variety of items being built or repaired by his father and grandfather in the woodshop.

Now, Seth handles the logistics of the business he and his dad build together. On top of wood-working, he researches to find the best methods and keeps current with the latest technologies to make their customer experience better and better.

Helping others create a home for themselves is what drives Seth to continue doing what he loves. The people he meets along the way are what make it fun, interesting, and inspiring. It’s more than just a product. It’s making a difference in people’s lives.