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Charles, Eugene, and Dwight England co-founded England
Furniture in 1964 in the quiet foothills of East Tennessee. England Furniture is recognized for its high quality and
short build cycle and its dedication to the skilled workers that build each piece of custom furniture.

Our products

England offers a broad selection of countless combinations to help customers create unique custom furniture suited for their homes.

Each piece is built to last a lifetime due to its detailed and expert craftsmanship, paired with high-quality materials.

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England goes above and beyond standard industry testing to evaluate performance, comfort, and durability.

They believe it is what’s underneath the fabric that matters most when it comes to long-lasting furniture.

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England sofas use a coil-enhanced foam cushion, their latest groundbreaking technology, for luxury comfort and support.

These cushions feature nine spring coils embedded in the foam core of the cushion with two 24 lb foam sections attached to the top and bottom of the core.

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