5 Years of Life Proof Protection

Accidents happen! Protect your furniture, mattress, or adjustable base for up to five years. 

The 5-Year Life Proof Protection Plan
  • It covers nearly every type of damage imaginable
  • No deductibles or out-of-pocket expenses
  • If you do not file a claim during the specified time frame, we’ll give it back to you 100% credit! 

This extended coverage is only available for seven days after you purchase your items.

What’s Covered?

Accidents happen, and the manufacturer’s warranty is limited. For just a fraction of what you paid for your furniture, you can protect it for up to five years. 


  • food and beverages
  • nail polish and nail polish remover stains or damage
  • human and pet body fluid stains
  • dye transfer
  • ink and marking pen stains
  • candle wax
  • paint, and more

Accidental Damage

  • pet damage
  • puncture, rips, tears, and burns
  • frame, spring, sleeper, and reclining mechanism breakage
  • heating and vibrating element breakage 
  • loss of cushion resiliency
  • seam separation, broken zippers
  • burns, singes, heat marks, and more 

Manufacturer Defects

  • frame separation
  • structural defects to frame, warping, and breakage/cracking
  • loss of silvering to mirrors
  • integral electrical component failure
  • mechanism, motor, hydraulic, and lift failure
  • electrical component failure
  • lifting of veneers and laminate finishes, and more 


Protect Your Purchase, Risk-Free!

We’re so confident in our 5-Year Life Proof Protection Plan that we offer a no-use no-lose guarantee! If, after five years, you haven’t made a claim using your plan, Head Springs Depot will issue you 100% of what you originally paid for the plan as credit. 


  • Q: Who administers the protection plan?
    A: Safeware

  • Q: OK, this plan sounds great, but really, what’s the catch?
    A: Like any protection plan program, some things aren’t covered that you should know about upfront. We encourage you to review the Safeware Terms document to understand what’s covered.

  • Q: If I originally received delivery and was authorized a product reselection, does this plan cover my delivery charges?

  • Q: What happens if I never make a claim with my Safeware Protection Plan?
    A: If, after five years, you haven’t made any claims using your plan, Head Springs Depot will refund you 100% of what you originally paid for the plan as in-store credit.

  • Q: Can I cancel the Safeware Protection Plan?
    A: Yes. If within 30-days of your plan purchase you would like to cancel, contact Head Springs Depot for a full refund. Beyond 30 days, the protection plan is non-refundable.