how to measure for a sectional

Ready to buy a new sectional for your home? First step: MEASURE! Sizing your space up for a sectional can be a little more tricky than a regular sofa, but if you follow these easy steps, you’ll be off to a great start. Measuring correctly will not only keep you from having to return that beloved piece, but also result in fewer trips and save you some time!

#1 Measure the Room: Use a tape measure to get accurate measurements of your living room, recreation room or whatever space you are considering for your sectional. Knowing the overall dimensions of the room will serve as a baseline for what will comfortably fit the room. You will also want to take measurements of any doorways, hallways or other narrow areas that the sectional will be carried through upon delivery. 

Here’s a tip! Considering place the sectional in front of a window? Measure the height of the window sill to make sure the top of the sectional is not above the sill. 

#2 Tape It Off: Grab a roll of painter’s or masking tape and take a step back so you can fully envision your space. Tape off the area on the floor where you’d like to place the sectional so you can accurately visualize the size, as well as where you would like to place your end tables, coffee table, ottoman and other home decor items that you either have or are looking to purchase. 

Another tip! You will want at least 32 inches between your sectional and each walkway, doorway and other pieces of furniture in the room. 

#3 Measure the Area: Get that tape measure back out and measure the space that you have just taped off for your sectional so you have an idea of the overall dimensions. This will be end to end (or arm to arm) and from the back to the end of the chaise (or the “L”). 

There are several important dimensions to consider when choosing your sectional. Keep in mind that it’s all about the “L”. You will want to measure the overall width (total measurements of all components of the back of the sectional) and the overall depth (combined measurements of the chaise to the back of the sectional). 

Last tip! Take note of the interior dimensions (inside the “L”), especially if you are planning to add an ottoman or coffee table.

#4 Come to Head Springs Depot: Now that you have an idea of the space you want to fill, it’s time to start shopping! Given that sectionals are highly customizable, our knowledgable sales team can help you find the perfect fit. You not only get to choose the size, but also every detail from the upholstery (fabric or leather), leg stain, throw pillows, nailhead trim (or none) and so on. There are endless options for you to create a sectional that is unique to your home style and needs. So, grab your dimensions and come on over to see us at our massive furniture warehouse in Downtown Franklin. We can wait to see you!
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