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When it comes to buying furniture, it is important to ask yourself and a salesperson some very important questions as you consider your investment. Take your time, and do not buy furniture in a hurry. You don’t want to be stuck with an impulse buy, do you? Here is a list of questions to ask yourself and a salesperson as you begin the furniture buying process. 


  1. How much space do I have and what is it used for? The first thing to do is take a good look at the space you are furnishing and taking precise measurements. Look at how you and your family use the space, as well as how often this piece of furniture will be used. Gathering these details will help you and your salesperson find the best selection of furniture for your home.
  2. Which colors do I gravitate towards? Take a look at the current colors of your space, as well as the colors that make you happy. If you plan to update the colors of the room, what colors are in the running and what furniture colors would complement them?
  3. What other furniture and home decor accessories are already in the room? It’s important for the room to feel cohesive in style, so take a good look at the items already in the room that you plan to keep. What style, colors and texture will complement the existing elements?
  4. What kind of budget do I have? This is especially important if you are working with a limited budget. Unless money is no object, it is important to look at pieces within your price range. Lucky for you, Head Springs Depot offers a range of styles and products very similar to high-end furniture stores, but without the hefty price tag. You will also want to inquire about financing options, as this can be helpful when you find a piece you love, but prefer to pay over time.
  5. Is it customizable? If yes, does it cost extra? The best way to get exactly what you want to fit your style and space is to go with customizable furniture options, especially with upholstered furniture such as sofas and chairs. Make sure you understand if any of the options you are considering cost extra to avoid any surprises when it comes to purchasing.
  6. How was this furniture made? Knowing how and what materials were used to create a piece of furniture is very important to understand its quality and durability. Is it made of solid or manufactured wood? What type of leather was used? Were sustainable and eco-friendly practices used? Are the finishes non-toxic? It’s important to understand the differences in high-quality materials to not only protect your investment but to also enjoy your furniture for decades to come.
  7. How long will this furniture last? Understanding the materials used to create a piece of furniture will help you determine its longevity, but it is important to ask the salesperson the average or expected lifespan of the furniture. If you are looking to invest in high-quality furniture made from top-of-the-line materials, the answer should always be that this piece of furniture will last you generations.
  8. Do you have similar products available in this price range? Think you’ve found the one? Have your salesperson show you similar products in your style and price range just to make sure. There’s no reason to hurry so one more browse through the store won’t hurt anyone!
  9. What guarantees and warranties do you have? Find out what guarantees and warranties are available for the furniture you are looking to purchase. This will help you understand what guarantees and warranties are available not only from the store but also from the manufacturer of the product if they are different. These could pertain to price-matching, customer satisfaction, malfunctions, return policies and more.
  10. Is any maintenance required? To keep your furniture looking new for years to come, it’s important to understand maintenance and on-going care is needed. Be sure to ask cleaning best practices, suggested cleaning products, how often it needs to be cleaned or polished, etc.
  11. Is this piece kid and/or pet-friendly? Make sure the piece of furniture you are investing in matches your lifestyle needs, be it kids, pets, a clumsy spouse or all of the above. If durability is a key factor, see what options are available in stain-resistant fabrics and more.
  12. What happens if something goes wrong or I change my mind? While this should be covered in your guarantee and warranty information, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the fine print. Be sure you get clarification on any concerns you have throughout the purchasing process.
  13. Will I still like this piece in 5 years? While trends are fun, they can sometimes fade. When making an investment in high-quality furniture, make sure the piece has both style and a timeless appeal that you will love for years to come.
  14. Do you deliver and how long will it take? In addition to understanding if and when your furniture will be delivered, find out WHO will be delivering the furniture. At Head Springs Depot, we put you in the trustworthy hands of our own delivery guys, not some third-party, so you can rest assured knowing that we personally know the people coming into your home. 

Now that you have your list of questions, come on over to Head Springs Depot and let’s find you the perfect piece of furniture for your home!



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