The Real Truth Behind Mattress Review Sites

Did you know that most mattress review sites are owned or financially influenced by mattress retailers and manufacturers? The unfortunate truth in the mattress world is that we are now dealing with an overload of these sites, making it difficult to truly know which is the best option for your unique sleep style. 

Not only are these sites are flooded with biased and/or incentivized testimonials, but they also tend to rank high in search engines, making them the first you see when researching mattresses online. This wasn’t always the case. But when the mattress industry became inundated with tons of bed-in-a-box startups, the internet also saw an increase in questionable mattress review sites. 

While these sites can be quite difficult to spot, we have a quick and easy solution for you where you won’t have to rely on Google for research! It’s called the HSD Sleep Map and it’s the quickest, easiest, and most accurate way to find your mattress match. 

We partnered with one of the leading sensor software companies to create a sleep map system that calculates pressure points to create a unique sleep profile for each individual. Simply lie down on the mattress in our showroom and in just 5 minutes, we’ll have the valuable, impartial information we need about your sleep style to help you find the perfect mattress. 

Another benefit of visiting our showroom is that you can try our sample selection from America’s top brands first-hand. While some of these online retailers offer a sleep trial, you still have to pay for the mattress before ever laying a finger on it, let alone your full body! Then, if you’re not satisfied, you have to go through the hassle of requesting a refund. 

When it comes to making an investment, both financially and in your health, we highly recommend taking the time to visit us in-store where you have access to our HSD Sleep Map, our mattress samples, and our knowledgeable team. So skip the Google search and come on down to Head Springs Depot! We’ll get you on the path to great sleep. 


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